Training rules

General Provisions

How to enroll in our Academy? Call our office phones or send a request for training from our website. The administrator will write you to the nearest group. When the group is recruited, the administrator of our academy will invite you to a free presentation meeting where you can get acquainted with the trainer, pass the entrance testing and complete all necessary documents.

Based on the results of the entrance testing, we develop an individual training program for you.

Before the beginning of classes the client fills in the application, in which the conditions for training are determined. This statement is a document that determines the relationship between the listener and the academy.

Clients who are trained for the funds of legal entities must complete the Training Agreement and receive an invoice for payment. Payment must be made before the start of classes. After the termination of employment we give you the certificate of the executed works. The second copy of the contract must be returned to the academy within 2 working days from the date it was received, but not later than the last day of classes.

Students who violate the general rules of discipline and order during classes on the territory of the academy can be expelled without a refund.

In the case of a successful completion of the training (passing the exam (exit test) or doing a thesis), the listener receives a certificate of the established sample.


Payment order

Payment for training can be performed for cash, or by bank transfer (if the student pays the company).

Possible 50 or 100 percent prepayment. In the case of a 50 percent prepayment, the student will pay the remaining amount until he has completed half the training.

In the event that a student of the Academy refuses to attend classes less than a day before or during classes, skipping classes due to his student's fault, money received for the period of study is not returned.

If the surcharge is not paid in time, the Academy's administration reserves the right not to allow the client to attend classes.

In case the listener can not attend classes for a good reason, he must write a statement and transfer it to the administration of the academy, which examines this application within 3 working days. At the same time, the administration can offer the student to attend classes with another group or to return part of the payment for unvisited classes (while the academy retains 10% of the cost of courses as overheads).


Discount system

The Academy will guarantee a 5% discount on tuition to any listener who has successfully completed the course.

We constantly conduct actions in social networks, which give an opportunity to receive additional discounts for training.

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