Installing and configuring Windows Server A server is hardware that uses server software. It is optimized to work with other computers (clients). Server clients can be computers, telephones, faxes, printers and all other devices that connect to the Internet.




SEO website optimizationSEO optimization of a web siteWe offer an integrated approach to the promotion of your website. Search engine optimization of the site is not limited to filling the text with keywords and writing a Description to every page of your site. Before we promote the site in search engines, we will analyze it in many ways, and choose only the most effective and effective methods, as well as ways to optimize and promote it.

Now installing SSL certificates on the site is mandatory on the advice of the Google search engine. If you want your site to be better indexed by Google, get some loyalty in the eyes of a search engine, etc., you need to install an SSL certificate. Of course, one certificate is only a small part of the necessary improvements for the site, there are still countless of them, but the certificate is needed not only for the CEO, it is also information security, protection of the transmitted data through your site.

Designing and Configuring a Local Area NetworkDesigning and configuring a local network In the conditions of rapid development of computer and digital technologies in the work of any office, it is impossible to do without laying local computer networks. Without this, it is impossible to imagine any modern office today.

The organization of marketing (SMM) in social networksOrganization of marketing SMM in social networks The presence and promotion in social networks will help increase the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones. Increase the number of conversions of interested customers to the site, the number of calls, as well as to arrange the sending of applications from the public immediately to the sales department.

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