A full-featured site for one day with CMS Joomla

A full-featured site for one day with CMS JoomlaWhat's the course calculated for:

The audience of the course "Full-featured site for one day with CMS Joomla" is mostly those who want to learn how to quickly create, administer their own sites, online stores, without delving into the subtleties of layout and web programming. The course is fully focused on mastering the practical skills of students.

After completing the course "A full-featured site for one day with CMS Joomla" you will be able to:

- Apply knowledge on a concrete practice, as during training we create existing, and not abstract sites, that is, you learn from real examples;

- to work quickly and confidently, since we are studying the Joomla system in the process;

- you get acquainted with the capabilities of Joomla right in the course of creating sites. The assimilation of new information in this case occurs naturally, and therefore knowledge is acquired more strongly and more efficiently than in the traditional scheme;

- sites are selected in such a way that the learning process goes from simple to complex.


You will have:

- Completely ready site, created and configured by yourself;

- Accurate knowledge of how this site is designed to at any time to finalize it for the project you need.


Preliminary preparation: 


Duration: 1 month

Intensity: 3 times a week

Number of lessons: 12 lessons

Duration: 2 hours

Methodical materials: free of charge

Certificate at the end


Number of students - from 8 to 10


The cost of the course: 2500 UAH.

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