About the Academy "Cyber ​​Ukraine"

Computer Academy Cyber ​​Ukraine is the key to the futureComputer Academy "Cyber ​​Ukraine" is the key to the future.

Computer Academy "Cyber ​​Ukraine" with VNZ VMUROL "Ukraine" - it's bright cozy classrooms and modern equipment, convenient time of classes and progressive methods of teaching. But the main thing is the collective of teachers.

Each of them is a graduate with extensive experience in practical work, and some of the teachers have a degree in information technology. Additional pedagogical education allows you to fully master modern methods of presenting the material, using what is today in demand among employers. Realizing the psychology of the student, you realize how you can help a person in each specific situation at any stage of training. To this I would like to add that many of the teachers have awards of prestigious competitions and their own professional development, as well as acting specialists in their field.

True success is impossible without a sincere love for one's specialty. It's enough to hear once, with what enthusiasm the teacher talks about the secrets of mastery, to understand - any profession from those taught in the academy is quite capable of becoming a real vocation from ordinary craft. No wonder, almost all of them are related to creativity and bring to their owners an incomparable pleasure from well-done work. Others, however, elevate a person to the rank of a specialist who makes decisions, on which the financial well-being of an enterprise directly depends. 

Computer Academy "Cyber ​​Ukraine" with VNZ VMUROL "Ukraine" has everything necessary for the successful development of selected professions. We have made sure that the environment around us favors the acquisition of new knowledge. For this, the recommendations of psychologists on the design of premises were taken into account. Workplaces and equipment are arranged in such a way as to provide maximum visibility and coverage of screens and demonstration sites. Listeners are engaged in the most modern equipment, taking into account all the innovative achievements in each specialty. The computer courses cover the latest versions of application programs, operating systems, programming languages ​​that are currently used in production.

The schedule of classes is designed in such a way that the maximum number of those who wish to have a new profession, regardless of the degree of employment. You can agree on the time of attending classes with your main work due to the fact that lessons are held in the morning, afternoon and evening. The groups of the day off also work. The programs provide for a large number of hours of practical training. We also provide each of our students with a "Workbook", which contains everything you need for each of our courses. Having listened to the theoretical material, listeners perform independently each technological operation until they fully understand it. We prepare students in such a way that when they come to work, they can start their duties from the first day, without additional internship.

After graduation, each graduate receives a certificate. Today, the availability of a document confirming a special education gives the applicant great advantages, especially if it is received at the Computer Academy "Cyber ​​Ukraine" at the VNZ VMUROL "Ukraine" - an institution that deservedly enjoys a high reputation among employers. This certificate will help you when applying for a job and will allow you to qualify for positions in large companies.

Computer Academy "Cyber ​​Ukraine" at VNZ VMUROL "Ukraine" is a team of professionals who love their work, able to give you everything you need to confidently look to the future! Our task is to provide knowledge that you will be able to apply in practice immediately after completing the course. Having studied with us, you can easily find yourself in the ocean of vacancies in the labor market!

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